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TAKIT Pro – The ultimate Trading Software for stocks, commodities, currency.

  • Stock Trading is very profitable but dangerous without proper guidance. Hence, TAKIT Professional, the ultimate software for Day trading. This software automatically shows you the Buy and Sell signals on the live chart. Green arrow shows BUY signal and Red arrow shows SELL signal. It does all the analysis job for you and show the best opportunities to trade on intraday.
  • Apart from accurate Buy and Sell signals you are also getting TAKIT PRO PROFIT ESTIMATOR which is a software to show you the target profit.
  • Stop Loss NOT required. The excellent feature of this software is that “Stop Loss is NOT necessary”. For example you get a Buy signal @ 499/-. Then if the Buy signal gives you loss and the price falls then automatically a REVERSE Sell signal will come. This REVERSE signal will completely protect you from loss.
  • This software gives you daily profit. Out of 10 consecutive Buy and Sell signals, might be 2 signals give slight loss. But the rest of 8 signals will give you huge profit. This is the main excellence of this software TAKIT Professional.
  • TAKIT Pro works very good for positional/short term trades also. This software is also beneficial for those who dont have time to intraday trading. Because, in positional trading it gives long profit margins. It can give you 5 to 15 times more profit in positional trading that in intraday trading.
  • We give accurate data. Other companies are charging monthly recurring fees for real time data. But in TAKIT Professional you are getting data FREE for 10 years. Yes its unbelievable but 100% true. All the data is accurate and realtime. Hence, you are saving minimum Rs. 12,000/- every year.
  • Who can use this software? Though it is designed basically for Day Traders but TAKIT Professional is being used over 6 years by broking farms, analysts, traders and short term investors.
  • Lifetime commitment to you. We guarantee you that TAKIT Professional will be your friend for Lifetime. This is not a commitment but a guarantee.
  • Just a one-time payment for Lifetime. We are providing the most expensive Real Time Data of equities, commodities and currencies completely free of cost. Hence, it is the cheapest software in the market because no other company can provide real time data free of cost.
  • What will happen if you cannot carry Laptop all the time? No problem. You can use TAKIT Professional in mini-laptops which are quite small and also in ultra-book. So whether you are in office or in home, anytime you can use this software at your convenience.
  • Does TAKIT Pro really helpful for you? It is our 110% guarantee that any trader can make daily profit from this software. Your main motto is to make profit in stock market. This software is designed considering the only three factors: PROFIT, FLEXIBILITY, ACCURACY.
  • Extra free gifts along with this software: Plus you will get Encyclopedia of Technical Analysis and Glossary of most popular Technical Indicators absolutely FREE!
technical analyse kit help me find a better way to analyse the market trend in the easi way
The technique in your software are unique, easy to learn and use. I am trading in EOD. I think your software is more better in EOD.
- Dipankar Dastidar, Orissa
myself Gauranga Saha from calcutta. I am using technical software from you for last 3 years. I lost my ID but your support executive is very cooperative because within 10 minutes they have told my ID. It is very praiseworthy.
Most important is there is NO need to put stop loss. Plus it gives full safety from flat market as well.
- Guruvinder Singh, Haryana
the most important factor is stop loss in stock market. In your software there is no stop loss. In spite the reverse signals are just great, really full protection from loss.
- Jacob Joshe, Muscat
I had ruined all my money in 2008 crash. If I could find your software at that time, then my hard earned money could be saved. Anyway your software is unbeatable.
- Neha Patel, Gujarat
I searched many times in internet. Then I got your number from google. This software is excellent. Pls make a software for daily trading also. Though I reside in remote place of Andaman but still I get prompt support from u. Hats of you Jagmohan sir.
- Prakash Sau, Andaman
Main thing I have noted that your signals are fixed & do not change like others. Only 5 or 6 signals in a day and your signals stay for many hour. THIS IS REALLY GREAT
- Praveen Desai, Maharastra
Sir, your website really nice and user friendly than before
- Ramaswami, Hyderabad
I am very satisfied with your service. Mainly your accounts department is very fast. How are you giving this software for lifetime at this small price?
- Saukat Ali, Dubai

How TAKIT Pro turns day trading into sure Success?


Just a 2 STEP process.
Step1 : Open TAKIT Professional.
Step2 : Click on “START” button.



For BUY signal.
For SELL signal.

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We are empowered by highly qualified engineers and customer relationship managers. LTS TRADING is a pioneer in developing Real Time technical analysis systems for stock market traders in India. Through our persistent innovation and smarter ways to provide unswerving Real Time technical analysis systems, we have been able to develop one of the most equipped and accurate platforms in the field of stock market trading analysis. Since its inception, LTS TRADING has continuously developed unique and exceedingly effective and superior systems being used by lots of users all over in India. LTS TRADING offers a wide range of products and services in the field of Real Time technical analysis. Our strength in the field of systems development and capability to understand market needs has helped us forge our place as frontiers in stock market trading systems development. Our company is powered by a pool of experience and talented professionals across stock market trading with fundamental and technical analysis to provide you guaranteed win-win situations while trading in the stock market. The books are decision making systems with facilities for technical analysis, fundamental analysis and numerical analysis which help traders take right decision.

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