TAKIT Software
No more losses. Only profit with accuracy above 90%.
This software gives you automatic, Intraday, live BUY & SELL signals system for AmiBrokerTM charts.
And it is highly accurate for all segment such as Stocks, Futures & Commodities.

You need not to pay any monthly subscription charges for day trading tips. Because this system is just

@ Rs.3500/- for lifetime.

Data charges applicable if you opt for paid data service of Equities or Commodities.

In a word this TAKIT Software is the complete solution that you need for perfect day trading.
Plus you will get Encyclopedia of Technical Analysis and Glossary of most popular Technical Indicators absolutely FREE!
Buy Now @ Rs. 3500/-

Watch Video Demonstrations.


If you can`t believe how much simple and accurate this system is then first watch these real Video Demonstrations by clicking here.



Why buy TAKIT Software when there are lots of softwares in the market?


  • Firstly because it is very simple and user friendly.
  • Secondly it not only shows the BUY and SELL signals on AmiBrokerTM charts but also shows price Target and Stop-loss levels.
  • Thirdly it is very efficient and highly accurate.
  • Fourthly it gives only few signals in a day so there is NO confusion at all.
  • Fifthly because its price is the cheapest among all other peers in the market.
  • Sixthly there is NO monthly charge for the software.
  • Seventhly we provide lifetime support to all of our clients if they face any type of technical problem while using our system.
  • Eighthly this system is complete means it is useful for equities and commodities both.
  • Ninethly because of long running success in stock market. Yes, this system is continuosly successful since 6 years.
  • Tenthly because TAKIT is unbeatable.


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Payment details:

Limited time offer just @ Rs.3500/- for lifetime.


All orders should be made by Cheque or Online Fund Transfer of Cash:


After making payment send an email to care@LiveTradeSystem.com You have to mention the following information in the email:

  1. UID (if you are our existing customer):
  3. FULL ADDRESS with pin code:
  8. PAYMENT details:(For cheque payment mention the "Cheque number" and a/c holder`s name. For fund transfer mention the "Reference number". For cash deposit add Rs.100 extra)



How to watch live demonstration during market hour:


Generally we show live demo from 11 am to 1 pm IST on trading days from Monday to Friday.

  • • To see live demo first download TeamViewer.exe by clicking here.. .
  • • You must download this software on Desktop.
  • • After download complete, run it. Then the software will open.
  • • During the demo session between 11 am to 1 pm contact our representative at live chat and ask for the "Partner ID for live demonstration" & "Password".
  • • You have to write that ID in the "Partner ID" box of TeamViewer and then click on "Join" button.




Request our representative for Partner ID & enter here












and then click on Join button


Fill up the form to register for live demonstration>>





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